Relevant Research Paper Topic You Should Consider In 2020

The mental stress involved in considering which topic to write on could be troubling. Starting your research work requires courage, but choosing a topic might be confusing. So, getting a list of relevant topics you can pick from can be relieving. To select a research paper topic, check out the following steps.

Consider Your Interest

You can get a research topic by coming up with one on your own. It can be from your area of interest. You can also get a list of topics from other sources, or simply order custom writing from professionals who write papers for money. Sometimes, you might find yourself in a mix with different topics. In such cases, consider the most interesting one.

You can get research topics from different sources. Remember not to fall into the temptation of choosing an easy topic because you want to get it done fast. If you are at liberty to choose yourself, make a list of your interests in that field. Break down those interests into different topics.

The Availability of Intellectual Material

Before settling for a particular topic, it is crucial to ensure you have enough materials. As an academic work, your argument is going to be made from a body of knowledge. Your facts must be correct.

Therefore, ensure you have enough materials to be adequately informed on your topic. Materials include textbooks, articles, journals, and more both offline and online.

Research Questions

Research questions can either be descriptive, casual, or comparative. You need to get your question right to come up with a good research topic.

Your research question must be specific and clear. It must also be original as you delve into new research areas. Also, ensure that your research is beneficial and relevant to society or a given field. Studies done on currently prevalent issues tend to get more attention.

Some Research Topics You Can Consider

1. Medicine

  • The role of placebo treatment
  • Is being a vegetarian good for a child’s health?

2. Education

  • How standardized tests can help in education?
  • How modern technologies can change the future of teaching?

3. Environment

  • How to reduce global warming?
  • How to stop wasting paper and save trees

4. Entertainment and Sports

  • Are social networks good for our society?
  • Do violent video games make kids angry and cruel?

5. Politics

  • What world would be like without wars?
  • How to avoid unemployment and workforce reduction?

6. Psychology

  • How to predict and model behavioral patterns?

7. Science and Technology

  • Can nanomedicine potentially extend the human lifespan?
  • What is the future of computing and artificial intelligence?

8. Culture

  • The origin of racial discrimination
  • The impact of commercials and commercials on modern art

9. Math

  • What is the correlation between math and music?
  • Are mathematical formulas actually used in real life?

10. Business

  • The role of international trade and sustainable development
  • The impact of climate change on global business strategies

11. Law

  • How is the Islamic law perceived around the globe
  • Is ECOLEX a pathway to environmental law

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