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EJ Editor, concerned about income inequality, charges special rate for speaking at college

Nov 28th, 2014 | By | Category: Features, Front Page

Hillary Clinton has been taking flak over her speaker fees. For a recent speech given at UCLA, Clinton earned $300,000, which, she said, was a special rate for universities (1). But more details have now emerged about her requirements for the appearance—the style and color of the executive armchairs she would be sitting in, choice of beverages in the green room, a scanner that the university had to go out and buy (who uses a stand-alone scanner these days?)

But these details do not come as a surprise to Homer, who recently invited the executive editor of EJ to give a talk at the college. The EJ editor, who too routinely commands six figures for a speaking gig, agreed to charge Homer his “special rate.”

But that was the just the beginning. The EJ editor also asked for the following:

  • A case of still water, room temperature, to be deposited stage right.
  • A carafe of warm/hot water, coffee cup and saucer, pitcher of room temperature water, water glass, and lemon wed­ges, both on a table on stage as well as in another room where the EJ editorwould stand for photos with Homer’s students.
  • Chairs to be outfitted with two long, rectangular pillows, and two cushions kept backstage in case the chair was too deep and the EJ editor needed additional back support.
  • Alavalier [microphone], a teleprompter and 2-3 downstage scrolling monitors to read from.
  • A new podium.
  • Coffee, tea, room temp sparkling and still water, diet ginger ale, crudité, hummus and sliced fruit.
  • A computer, mouse, printer and scanner.

After considerable negotiations in the Elizabethtown Public Library café, the EJ editor agreed to allow Homer to upload a two-minute highlight video of his talk to YouTube. But, he added, it must be available only for one year from the date of posting.

Homer presented the EJ editor with an award for Excellence in Journalism Using WordPress. However, the editor’s advance team asked that it be presented to him in a box rather than draped around his neck.

But it was all worth it, decided Homer. After all, the EJ editor talked about one of the most pressing issues of the day: Rising inequality in society. And if he runs for president in 2016, as is widely rumored, he will be in a position to do something about it.



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