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Inspirational Team to Demonstrate How State-of-the-Art Prosthetic Technology Enables Athletic Lives

Apr 24th, 2014 | By | Category: Front Page, News

April 23, 2014- AMP1, the country’s only team of stand-up (non-wheelchair) amputee basketball players is heading to Elizabethtown for some inspiring hoops and a message of hope for all — disabled or not.

With the help of high-tech prosthetics from Hanger Clinic and Freedom Innovations, the AMP1 players have overcome lower limb amputations (due to traumatic accidents, birth defects and cancer) to go on and compete against able-bodied, non-amputee teams in action-packed games. AMP1 launched its first national tour in 2011, with stops in cities across the country. AMP1’s message is one of sheer determination and hope for those who have lost a limb, and for anyone facing adversity.

AMP1 will play an exhibition game against athletes from Elizabethtown’s own Varsity Basketball team to promote the possibilities for those living with physical challenges. The event will take place on Thursday May 8th gates open at 6:30 pm with tipoff at 7:30pm at Elizabethtown’s Daubert High School gym. The event is open to the public. A preliminary game will be held between high school teachers starting at 6:30 for those interested.

AMP1 players all wear the Renegade prosthetic foot, designed by Freedom Innovations especially for highly active amputees. It features carbon-fiber Z-Shock Technology, which stores and returns energy and provides the shock absorption that is critical for high impact activities such as basketball. Two of the players also utilize Freedom’s Plié 2.0 MPC Knee, which combines cutting-edge microprocessor and hydraulic technologies to facilitate the responsive movements and stability required in the sport.

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