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Aug 3rd, 2012 | By | Category: Essays



                           Jahne Bell

When I was a little girl down in South Carolina
people would leave, go up to New York City
and come back down south, talking about the streets up there
being paved with gold !!!
And everybody was rich up there and everybody should be 
living in New York City … and we’d better get our butts up North

Well one day after school, I was on my front porch after having
an extremely emotional day at school… I was moaning
the lost of my boy friend to my best girl-friend Erma ..
I was even taking notes to her from him every day and from him to her …
I was a mess … and needed an escape real bad …

Suddenly this car pulled up in front of our house
and my mom jumped out …telling me, and my little sister & brother
to pack our bags cause we were going to New York
Hot damn New York City, where the streets were paved with gold
and everybody was rich…Ohhh Oh Oh good-bye Bobby
Good-bye Erma… you can have him, I’m going to be rich be-aich

Sooo … Finding myself in New York City …
Ooooh OOuch my feet are freezing cold in these little thin behind sneakers
and my much too thin jacket and summer clothing  … I’m an ice-cicle
as we make our way to my mother’s friends house in New York City …
And where are those streets paved with gold… the streets are filthy
there’s dirty dog-pee snow and ice everywhere, the garbage cans are overflowing
with nasty trash, the streets need cleaning really bad
and peoples’ faces do not look happy at all, and they don’t look rich either …

Sooo…we are being told by the Traditional Church  …don’t worry, be happy and endure
Cause when we get to “Heaven” the streets are paved with gold and we are going
to be rich and WALK AROUND HEAVEN happy all the day long for ever and ever

Hey Hey …I heard this story before when I was a little girl down in South Carolina …

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