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Jay Gerber, art display

Dec 31st, 2010 | By | Category: Entertainment, Events

Attending the Pennsylvania School of the Arts and upholding a status on the dean’s list. Jay won an award for best student entry at York College, Pa. He has been displaying art in Pennsylvania since the late 70’s.

I’m inspired by all paintings that have the element of originality, particularly those that are not easily reproduced by photo or print and must be seen in person. Images can be either mass produced or one of a kind (personally, I prefer the latter) I also like styles that lean toward the minimal that provoke the viewer into saying ” Oh, I could paint that.” Experiences and hobbies would include such things as Teaching various art exercises at the Spanish-American Youth Civic Center Lancaster, programming for pictures and animations, playing guitar, and anything else from creating hand carved luminaries to backyard landscaping. Most of these paintings are abstract in nature, or have the look of a semi-realistic landscape which have both conventional and irregular shapes.

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