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EAHS students raise money for local winter shelter

Jan 12th, 2018 | By | Category: Front Page, News

January 10, 2018-Four ninth graders from Elizabethtown Area High School recently teamed with the school’s student council to raise funds for the Elizabethtown Winter Shelter. As part of the students’ 20Time initiative, Alisia Alvarez, Taylore Bradley, Sophia Brinkman, and Makenna Heisey set a goal of raising several hundred dollars to help the shelter. When they were all done, they had far exceeded their goal with a total donation of $1,505.20.

Alvarez, Bradley, Brinkman, and Heisey originally intended to raise the funds through bake and popcorn sales. However, they expanded their effort by seeking a partnership with the school’s student council to donate a portion of the proceeds from every homecoming dance ticket sold. Led by student council president Logan Hoover and homecoming dance chairperson Erin Kraskewicz, the student organization agreed to donate $1 for every ticket sold and to give an additional $500 to the cause.

20Time promotes real-world problem solving to achieve academic goals. It provides students the opportunity to work independently on a project that has a purpose. As part of the fundraising initiative to benefit the local shelter, the students took a tour of the shelter and learned about all the services it offers local families in need of a place to stay. The tour was provided by Joanna Katherman, Winter Shelter coordinator. Accompaying the students on the tour was Richard Schwarzman assistant to the superintendent, and Maura Hobson, high school principal.

The shelter is run out of the basement of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. The Winter Shelter provides a place for men, women, and children experiencing homelessness to get out of the cold and off the streets during the winter months.


Photo Caption: Student representatives from Elizabethtown Area School District present a check for $1,505.20 to the Elizabethtown Winter Shelter. Pictured (L-R): Maura Hobson, Taylore Bradley, Sophia Brinkman, Makenna Heisey, Alisia Alvarez, Joanna Katherman, Logan Hoover, Erin Kraskewicz, Richard Schwarzman.

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