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In this section of the Elizabethtown Journal, original works by Elizabethtown Journal readers will be presented. Works of fiction, extended commentaries, non-fiction essays, and scientific or academic papers written for a general audience are all considered “original essays and short papers”.

These essays and papers differ from other stories in the Journal in two respects: (a) their content is not considered local news, and (b) they are subject to a more complex review and editorial process. The review process will vary contingent upon the content of the submission and the institutional affiliation of the submitter. For submitters who have no institutional affiliation, the Journal editorial staff will review the submission and it also reserves the right to have the submission reviewed externally. For institutionally affiliated submitters (educational institutions), the Journal suggests that a review process, modeled after a professional journal peer review or advanced degree committee review, be instituted within that institution. The submitter should include a description of this process in addition to the submission. For more information or clarification concerning the review and editorial process, please contact the editor at

The submitter retains all legal rights to his/her submission. By submitting a paper or essay, it is implied that the Elizabethtown Journal may use the submission for posting on the Journal site, but holds no other ownership of the material.

Doors and Windows

I treasure everything. I treasure every single sort. I love all around me. I love all who are around me. I embrace every little thing. I embrace all who talk and walk. I feel all. I feel all who feel me. Just things. Just people. No penetration. No feeling. All things and Everyone Pass by and Remain outside. There can be doors. There can be windows. There can be walls. There can be curtains. Cold can be warm. Warm can be ...[more]

Poem by Jahne Bell

2 Worlds as 1, Jahne Bell These 2 Worlds Keep coming together The Black One The White One Was there ever racial "Harmony" between the 2 Surely these 2 worlds go waaaaaay back Eons, centuries before such a "Tragic" thing as American Slavery What strife manifested in human hearts To calculate the Horror of the past 500 years What devastation of the moral code n compass That would allow another to ...[more]

Generational Angst

  I, Me, I, me, mine. Millennial. Wow, Cool, Oh, ow, oy vey. Boomer. Different times, Different lenses, Different strokes. No more us, just typically U.S. [more]

A Poem by Jahne Bell

  Coming to Church, to Church I come Coming to You Lord, to You I come Bringing my heart, my Soul in hand I bring my Treasure, This Soul I AM Blessed This Day, This Day Is Blessed Made by You God, The Great I Am... Peace to ALL [more]

A Poem

 Forgotten  When your not around my smile turns into a frown. When I see your face I'm disgraced with a bitter taste, Time with you is a waste that I can not seem to escape, Moving on is the right action to take , But instead I sit and wait, feeling guilty about any forward step I take. For now I'll wallow in my selfish ...[more]

Book Review Essay: Proof of Divine

Proof of Divine: One Man’s Journey from Doubt to Faith, Hope, and Love by  Andrew Murtagh (eLectio Publishing, Little Pine, TX) It’s probably not necessary.  In recent years, there has been a growing literature attempting to demonstrate the compatibility of modern rational methods of understanding with faith-based methods.  The literature is largely a product of faith-based authors; some of whom are ...[more]