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Navigating the Elizabethtown Journal

Home Page—The Home Page includes the most recent entries from all sections of the site. It also includes a section on borough news hosted by a borough council member, the event calendar, and links to news stories of local interest from other sites.

News Page—The News Page includes news articles of local interest contributed to this site.

Features Page—The Features Page includes articles of local and general interest that are not considered current news. The page includes articles and stories of all types including commentary, informational, and other story types. Since these articles are not time-specific, you can click on the “ARCHIVES” section (included on every page) to view older features that do not fit on the current page. Archives from all pages are included in there.

Contributing a News or Feature Story—To contribute a story, click on the “ABOUT” page and choose “CONTRIBUTE” from the drop-down menu. Then follow the instructions. Contributions are highly encouraged.

Comments—Comments about any story can be posted by completing the “LEAVE COMMENT” box located at the end of each story. Comments are highly encouraged.

Essays and Short Papers – In this section of the Elizabethtown Journal, original works by Elizabethtown Journal readers will be presented. Works of fiction, extended commentaries, non-fiction essays, and scientific or academic papers written for a general audience are all considered “original essays and short papers”.