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American Class Sprint 350 Hubs/Wheels for Sale (Campy)

Mar 23rd, 2016 | By | Category: Classified-Individual, Front Page

Two used American Class Sprint 350 wheelsets for sale.  I am selling these as hub sets since the wheels cannot be trued perfectly.  The buyer has the option of just purchasing the hubs or the built wheels.  One is pretty fresh and the other a bit older.  I don’t have the exact mileage on these, but my best guess is 4,000 for the newer ones and not a clue for the older set.  They have both been in spills, resulting in imperfect rims.  The hubs are unaffected and in excellent condition. The freehubs are Campagnolo.

If the wheelsets are purchased, the buyer can attempt to true them or rebuild them using the spokes and/or rims.

New hubsets sell for at least $400 and wheelsets for at least $900.  Here are the prices for the used hubs or wheelsets:

……………………….Hubs only           Wheelsets

Older set                 $175                       $225

Newer set                $225                      $275


Contact Mike at:, or 717 367-5970

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