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Poem by Jahne Bell

Sep 3rd, 2015 | By | Category: Essays

2 Worlds as 1, Jahne Bell

These 2 Worlds
Keep coming together
The Black One
The White One
Was there ever racial “Harmony” between the 2
Surely these 2 worlds go waaaaaay back
Eons, centuries before such a “Tragic” thing as American Slavery
What strife manifested in human hearts
To calculate the Horror of the past 500 years
What devastation of the moral code n compass
That would allow another to trample
On the Rights of the other
Will there ever be racial harmony in our future
Will something suddenly fall from the sky
Descending into our hearts that will allow
For a dance of harmony n thanksgiving ?
Just a few of the thoughts I ask myself on a Daily basis… Regarding “These 2 Worlds”.

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