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Brenda and Deb: Nana’s Sweet Treats

Jan 10th, 2013 | By | Category: Front Page, Lead Article, People

There’s a new sweets shop in downtown Elizabethtown.  Nana’s Sweet Treats is located at 11 South Market Street in Elizabethtown.  It is owned and operated by sisters Brenda Shields and Deb Wright of Columbia, Pennsylvania.  Brenda and Deb grew up in Frostburg in the hills of Western Maryland.  Deb moved to Mt. Joy in 1980 and Brenda in 1987.  Brenda moved back to Maryland in 1994, but came back to Central Pennsylvania in 2004.  Deb has five children and 11 grandchildren and one on the way.  Brenda has one son and three grandchildren.  The collective grandchildren are responsible for the shop’s name since that is what they call their Grandmothers. The Elizabethtown Journal recently caught up with Deb and Brenda to find out more about Nana’s Sweet Treats.

EJ:      When did Nana’s Sweet Treats open for business?

B&D:  We opened for business December 8th in time for the Elizabethtown Holiday Parade.

EJ:      What types of products do you offer?

B&D:  We offer filled chocolates; chocolate pretzels; brittle including peanut, coconut, craisins and chocolate dipped; and chocolate and toy lollipops. We also offer cupcakes, cookies, pumpkin rolls, cakepops, and any special orders.

EJ:      Is there any special product that you consider your best or a defining product?

B&D:  We consider our filled chocolates and all our brittles our special products.

 EJ:      Is this your first retail business?  Do you supply or sell products outside of your location on Market Street?

B&D:  Deb had a store front in Columbia at one time and we do distribute our product at the Country Store on the Mt Joy-Manheim Road.

EJ:      Since you live in Columbia, why did you choose Elizabethtown and your location near the square?

B&D:  We liked the walkers and the traffic passing by.

EJ:      Is there anything we should look for in the future regarding Nana’s Sweet Treats?  Are there any regular special offerings or special menu items?

B&D:  Easter is coming and we will have many solid chocolates, Easter eggs including peanut butter meltaways, and coconut.  We also take orders for any baked goods.

EJ:      Did the local business owners offer any support in your start-up?

B&D:  Yes, the owners of Thrift 4 U where very helpful.  The guys from the Game Trader have been in and some of the other business owners.  Our landlord Joe Ulrich has been great as well as the girls from Preferred Realty.

EJ:      The success of any downtown business is not only dependent upon the merits of the business, but also on the environment in which it operates, including other nearby businesses.  What additions or changes to the downtown environment do you think would be beneficial to Nana’s Sweet Treats?

B&D:  More activity on the square and later hours for some of the merchants.

EJ:      What was the biggest challenge in opening Nana’s Sweet Treats?  What surprised you the most or was unexpected in the process?

B&D:  The biggest surprise was the welcome we have received from business owners and customers.

EJ:      Thank You.

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