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I Have Decided (a Poem by Jahne Bell)

Oct 17th, 2012 | By | Category: Essays

   I Have Decided

Yes I have decided not only to follow Jesus
But to follow the way of Love
Cause The Way Knows The Way

People can say Love is corny and out of date
they can say Love is for fools
That it brings us nothing but heartache

But by the way Africa is not that far away
And the fracking that’s being done
Affects us all here on the planet

And the love cells in our bodies do ascend and descend
And their ebb and flow and their vibrations
Travel around the earth and into the outer most spaces

And the waters of the oceans touches all the earth
And the air we breath
Is not bigoted, it reaches into us all

And when the little girls in Africa are screaming
Cause their grannies and aunties are dragging them off
to be vaginally mutilated

Their voices and screams do travel to distant stars
Calling out for mercy and grace to cleanse us all
As we participate in the ills of the world

No… Love is not corny, And yes  life is full
As we all share things in common
And that’s what I have decided

And if you could reach inside of me
And I could reach inside of you
We all would be understood

That The Way Knows The Way

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