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Of Course This Is Love

Jul 13th, 2012 | By | Category: Essays


Of Course This Is Love    a poem by Jahne Bell

 Easing out of bed, early this morning ...
 Feeling my feet meet the floor
 I am aware of You wrapping Yourself
 Lovingly around my pretty brown toes
 As You move consciously up my ankles
 I give myself a little squeeze hug
 Slowly You work Your way up  my legs and into my inner thighs
 circle - ling my pelvis ... I feel my self utter uncontrollable
 whispers of oooo's and aaahhh's
 Devoting Yourself endearingly around my waist, then ...
 Embracing my chest/heart/charka area
 I know without a doubt why I exhale and inhale
 My shoulders anticipates the warmth of Your caress
 The back of my neck tingles with excitement at the near-ness of You
 I feel my tongue relax as a silly smile creeps across my face
 The hair on top of my head stands up waving hello to the Universe
 As You leave the physical-ness of me escaping Higher and Higher
 into realms of Divine Consciousness 
 Circling ...Twirling...Teasing ...Pleasing ...Me
 Oh Precious ! ...Sacred Freedom ! ...Freedom !...Freedom !
 Oh! ...Oh!... Oh!...Freedom! ...
 Again we greet the day ... And All Is Well
 Of Course This Is Love 

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