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Friends of Elizabethtown Public Library Present Check

Jun 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Lead Article, News

The Friends of Elizabethtown Public Library presented their annual contribution to Elizabethtown Public Library at their most recent meeting on June 18, 2012.

This check represents the year-long efforts of all of the Friends of the Library through Etown Books, the used bookstore located in the Library as well as the virtual store on e-Bay and; as well as the Annual Booksale held each fall at Elizabethtown Public Library.

 The Friends of Elizabethtown Public Library are a volunteer group whose purpose is to support the Library by organizing and selling donated items. These items, mostly books, but also including DVDs and CDs are in good to like new condition and are sorted for sale online, in the physical bookstore, or held for the annual booksale.

 Members of the Friends of Elizabethtown Public Library range in experience from Janet Hench, Gaye Clemmer, and Pat Casper who have collectively volunteered for more than 55 years to more recent additions such as Denise and Tom Wagner and Bill and Linda Sinclair who joined in the past year. Friends always appreciate more friends – volunteers who can come in and work in the bookstore, sort books, list books for sale online, package and ship books, haul unsellable books to a recycling station, and help with the annual booksale. The 2012 Annual Booksale will be held at Elizabethtown Public Library October 4-6, with a special bonus day during the Elizabethtown Public Library Craft Fair on Saturday, October 13.

 For more information about the Friends, please contact Elizabethtown Public Library at or (717) 367-7467. People may also visit or the Etown Books page on Facebook to learn about activities and volunteer opportunities, as well as to purchase books online.

 Elizabethtown Public Library is a public Library in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that is supported by various means including state, county, and local municipal contributions and Library-generated income (fines, passport fees, Elizabethtown Coffee Company income, etc.). “The financial and volunteer support of the Friends of Elizabethtown Public Library is very important to the Library and the Greater Elizabethtown Area,” said Deb Drury, Executive Director. “Friends work to make critical resources available to our community – from the used books and DVDs they sell to the books and services of the Library that they make possible through their financial contributions.”

 Elizabethtown Public Library is located at 10 South Market Street (near the Square) in Elizabethtown, PA. Elizabethtown Public Library offers traditional Library services as well as passport acceptance, coffee beans roasted on-site, various programs for people of all ages, specialty coffee drinks along with other beverages and snacks, tax forms, WiFI and more. For additional information, please contact Elizabethtown Public Library at (717) 367-7467 or

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