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A Chocolate Lover’s Poem

Mar 31st, 2012 | By | Category: Essays, Front Page

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Happiness in a Wrapper
Aparna Paul

Chocolate is so delicious
Your happiness is not fictitious.

The anticipation while the wrapper is ripped,
The grin that spreads; the hungry frown has flipped.
The feeling of it melting, turning into goo,
The opening of the cave, as teeth get ready to chew.

The deep, rich smell of cocoa in your nose,
You shove it all in, look how fast it goes!
The taste itself, melting on your tongue,
Catch the feeling while it’s still young.

Other chocolates are on the wall,
Dark, milk, I must try them all.
One imposter among the rest.
White chocolate! The worst of the best!

So this chocolate saga draws to an end,
But remember to share the sweetness with a friend!

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  1. Wonderful poem , Aparna. Dark chocolates are my favorites too. Keep them coming and share the sweetness !

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