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Flooding damage to borough infrastructure estimated at $350K

Oct 25th, 2011 | By | Category: Lead Article, News

From Chronicling Elizabethtown
smalljeffMonday, October 24, 2011–Elizabethtown’s infrastructure, including bridges and its wastewater treatment plant, sustained $350,000 in damage from the flooding in early September, according to estimates from the borough administration.

One bridge, on Chestnut Street behind the community park’s softball field, remains closed because the sidewalk and road collapsed. Estimates for its repair are $70,728. The other bridges are open for traffic, but the South Poplar Street bridge has erosion under the roadbed, curb and sidewalk on the southeast side (damage estimates, $27,514); the West Bainbridge Street bridge is unsafe for pedestrians because of a major washout on the southwest and southeast corners (damage estimates, $11,800).

The borough has awarded a contract to do the bridge repairs to B R Kreider.

Other major damage came at the sewage treatment plant. The lower buildings – the maintenance building/garage, the blower building and digester received heavy flooding. The basement of the maintenance building was flooded and a couple of inches of water on the first floor. This impacted electrical panels, pumps, our potable water system, lighting, and left a lot of mud to be shoveled out. Estimates for the damage at the plant are $117,562.

Other damage that borough staff reported included:

A bank washed away at East Willow and North Mount Joy streets, exposing sewer line. Estimated damage: $75,000.
A major washout at the end of Holly Street: About $2,100 in direct damage, plus $27,000 in remediation to prevent problems in the future.

Major stream bank erosion in the parking lot behind Groff’s Meats. Damage estimated at $5,000.

The borough administration reported that insurance will cover about $95,000 at the sewage treatment plant. Meanwhile, borough staff have been attending and participating in meetings with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and going through the process to ensure the borough will receive 100 percent reimbursement for damages.

The administration emphasized to me that this is initial assessment of the damages and helps with planning to keep track of the damages and the work borough crews and/or contractors will do. This is not a final report, and the dollar figure could rise.

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