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Sanjay Paul Commentary: The Education of Legislators

Jun 14th, 2011 | By | Category: Features, Front Page

How many of our elected representatives have college degrees? And
where do they get them from–private or public universities?

Turns out PA legislators are close to the national average in
attainment of college degrees–75% of all state legislators have a
bachelor’s degree or higher; for PA, the figure is 76%. (See

Nationally, 64% of state legislators have attended public
universities. In PA, state legislators have attended public and
private universities in roughly equal proportions. (Two are from
Elizabethtown College.)

Our representatives are better educated than the electorate: only 26%
of PA residents have obtained a college degree.

Whether all this education matters to governance is an interesting
question. The cover story in the June 12 Patriot-News states baldly:
Pennsylvania has earned the reputation of having one of the most
corrupt legislatures in the United States.

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