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An Observation from Dr. Paul

Aug 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Features

begelDo Not Mess with a Barista
…Or you will not get your bagel!

Look at what happened to an English professor from Manhattan, a self-proclaimed stickler for the English language. She went into an Upper West Side Starbucks and asked for a multigrain bagel, but–and here’s where things get interesting–she “refused to say ‘without butter or cheese.’”

This important omission led to a heated altercation (thankfully, only verbal) as the barista insisted that the customer employ Starbucks’ lingo, and the professor adamantly refusing to do so. Finally, this being Manhattan, the cops were called in, and they ejected the good professor from the cafe. Sans bagel, one might note.

Let this be a lesson to all you coffee-shop customers in Elizabethtown. Do not mess with the barista! If you want to order a small coffee, don’t say “small”; make sure you are using the proper faux-European jargon. Remember: the cops don’t have to travel far in Elizabethtown to get to a coffee shop.

But the whole Manhattan episode raises an interesting question. Who the hell eats a multigrain bagel?

Read more about the Starbucks brouhaha at:

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  1. I think that English professors should receive free “plain” multi-grain bagels as compensation for the frustration of having to deal with today’s blighted state of English grammar.

    Sorry Dr. Paul, this isn’t transferable to the Business department.

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