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Elizabethtown Area School District Honors Local Veterans

Nov 10th, 2017 | By | Category: Front Page, News

November 10, 2017- Elizabethtown Area School District saluted 47 local veterans during its tenth annual Veterans Day Ceremony. The program afforded school officials and high school students an opportunity to salute local veterans for their service to the country. It was also an opportunity for students to learn about the contributions that veterans have made and learn about the meaning of the day.

Elizabethtown Area School District board president Terry Seiders and Elizabethtown Borough Mayor Chuck Mummert joined superintendent of schools Dr. Michele Balliet in thanking the veterans who had gathered for the program in the high school auditorium. All five branches of the military – Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy – were represented among the veterans who gathered for the ceremony. Each veteran was presented with a certificate of appreciation and gratitude for their service that read as follows:

With grateful appreciation for your service to our country, the Elizabethtown Area School District presents you with this certificate as a sign of our everlasting gratitude. We will always remember and honor all who have served the United States of America in our Armed Forces to protect our freedom.

“You answered the call to serve and for that we are most and forever grateful,” said Balliet. “While no handshake, certificate, or words of appreciation can fully thank you for your service, we hope this simple ceremony can in one small way, touch you and make you feel appreciated by our school district.”

High school seniors Logan Hoover, Erin Kraskewicz, and Kayla Grudi also took part in the program along with the high school marching band. Hoover delivered the invocation, Kraskewicz read a brief history of Veterans Day, and Grudi read a tribute poem to the Veterans. The marching band performed the national anthem. Band member Timothy Laird played Taps.

During her remarks, Balliet challenged the more than 150 high school students in attendance to never forget the sacrifices of our veterans both past and present. “While we assemble today to recognize these individuals for their service, one of the best ways we can honor them is to live by the principles and values this country was founded on and for which our veterans have defended for over 240 years. We each have the ability to be involved in our school, our community, our state, and our nation in an informed and responsible manner. As I look out across our audience of students, the challenge I issue to you is this: Will you act on this inalienable right as Americans,” Balliet concluded.

The honorees were as follows:

United States Air Force

Richard Adams, Clyde Barnhart, Donald Feiler, David Giuliano, James Hanley, Dan Helm, James Hoffman, Tim Kreider, Roger Moist, Roy Reber, David Scharf, Fred Young, and Bob Zajac*.

United States Army

Manny Acuna, Shawn Boksan, Paul Castello, Ronald Flory, Mark Garber, Roger Hipple, Mark Klepping, Matthew McNitt, Wendy Myers, John Oyler, James Phillips, Richard Schur, Russell Schweers, Suzanne Smith, Dave Snavely, Clyde Snyder, and Kevin Wallace.

United States Coast Guard 

Ann Edwards, Lee Reed, and William Vinkavich.

United States Marine Corps

Tom Hoffman, Bob Kane, Mike Lewis, Robert Murphy, Jason Potts, and James Young.

United States Navy

David Aumiller, Joseph Eckman, Chad Enck, Robert Lawer, Clifford Shank, Tom Starr, Thomas Wood, and Syd Young.


Photo caption: World War II veteran James Phillips receives thanks from (L-R) Elizabethtown Borough Mayor Chuck Mummert, Elizabethtown Area School District Superintendent Dr. Michele Balliet, and Elizabethtown Area School District School Board President Terry Seiders at the school district’s 10th annual Veterans Day Ceremony.

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