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From the Debunking Corner: An Ingenious Way to Answer the Great Questions of Science

Jul 27th, 2017 | By | Category: Features, Lead Article

A recent Gizmodo article takes the EPA chief Scott Pruitt to task for his “idea for a ‘red team-blue team debate’ on climate science.” The article goes on to add that Pruitt, “who all but admitted recently that his entire goal is to dismantle the EPA, has suggested collecting a group of scientists and having them debate objective reality, perhaps on television.” (1)

What a great idea! But instead of praising Pruitt for his revolutionary thinking on the scientific method, Fake News Gizmodo seeks to vilify him. But ask yourself: How else can one get at scientific verities, if not by setting up two opposing teams and having them slug it out on television? May the better argument win!

And why stop with climate change? The beauty of the idea is that it can be used to settle all kinds of controversial (and unsettled) issues. Here’re a few other unresolved scientific questions that are amenable to a red team-blue team debate:

1. Is the earth really flat?

2. Is the ratio of a circle’s conference to the diameter really equal to π (an irrational number)?

3. Does the earth really revolve around the sun?

4. Didn’t dinosaurs really coexist with humans?

5. Isn’t evolution really just a theory?

The debates need not last long—an hour at the most. The crack staff at EJ is willing to host them, provided they are held in a network studio that is beholden to truth. The Fox News Channel comes to mind.


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