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Bear Creek Students To Participate In Cubes In Space

Jul 5th, 2017 | By | Category: Lead Article, News


July 5, 2017- Two students from the Bear Creek School School will be participating in the Cubes in Space 2017 program. Cubes in Space, a program by idoodledu inc., in collaboration with NASA’s Langley Research Center, NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility and Colorado Space Grant Consortium, offers global design competitions for students 11-18 years of age to develop STEAM-based experiments for launch into space.

The students were selected from more than 600 experiments submitted world-wide from 39 countries. Cubes in Space 2017 selected 160 experiments designed by students from Australia, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, the and the United States of America.

The experiments will be launched via sounding rocket in late June 2017 from NASA Wallops Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore of Virginia or by high-altitude scientific balloon in late summer 2017 from NASA’s Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico.

The two-person team of Emma Creason and Elyse Hayden entered their experiment proposal for the high-altitude balloon. Their project, Cosmic Colors, will test how cosmic radiation in space will affect the ingredients/chemicals in common McCormick’s© liquid food coloring. Once the results are collected, then scientists will know if cosmic radiation, extreme temperatures and zero gravity will impact certain ingredients and chemicals in the food colorings tested.

Cubes in Space gave the participating students the opportunity to design and development an experimental payload to be integrated into a small 4 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm cube. Throughout the experience, students developed key 21st century skills; communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.


Photo caption: Pictured (L-R) Emma Creason and Else Hayden

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