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Teen drivers hear about the perils of distracted driving

May 5th, 2017 | By | Category: Front Page, News

May 4, 2017- Elizabethtown Area High School juniors and seniors heard a firsthand account of the tragic consequences that can come with distracted driving. In a school-wide assembly for the two grade levels, Karen Brezitski shared her deeply emotional story about the day her eight-year old son Owen was struck and killed by a distracted teen driver in March 2011.

In a solemn but attentive auditorium, more than 600 students heard the progression of events that led to the unthinkable and tragic events that occurred on St. Patrick’s Day six years ago. They listened as Brezitski shared with her the details of the accident including how the driver was distracted by playing on her phone, the aftermath of the accident including the affect it has had on her family including Owen’s three sisters. She spoke about the trial and the charges faced by the teen offender.

She encouraged the teens to make good choices as they get behind the wheel of a car as it can have tragic circumstances where there is no “rewind” or “do over” and explained the fragile nature of human existence and how quickly it can change for the worse.

As part of her presentation, Brezitski shared with the students a short video that included news footage from the accident and trial. She also spoke of the foundation established in her son’s memory know as Owen’s Foundation. Its goal is to promote the simple theme Slow Down, Be Alert, and Save a Life.

The program was part of a week-long Teen Traffic Safety initiative that included a series of events promoting good choices. The initiative was timed to coincide with the school’s upcoming prom and summer vacation. Other activities included a Buckle Up campaign, poster contests promoting good choices, and law enforcement appreciation day.

The Teen Traffic Safety initiative was coordinated by the school’s counseling department and the PAWS and Think club in conjunction with the PA DUI Council. PAWS and Think spreads the word about the positive, healthy choices high school students are making in their lives.

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