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Do Names Matter?

Feb 25th, 2017 | By | Category: Features, Front Page

What’s in a name, said the Bard?

Well, if you call yourself Integrity Bank, you’d better make sure your operations are on the up and up. But the pressure proved to be too much, and they succumbed. In 2013, two bank executives and a third person were sentenced for “their roles in a conspiracy to commit bribery and bank fraud, insider trading and tax evasion.”(1)  Five years later, Integrity Bank went under.

That was the bad Integrity Bank, based in Georgia. Here, in Pennsylvania, we continue to have our own Integrity Bank with branches in York and Lancaster. A disaster waiting to happen—or a testament to probity? We shall see.

And now comes news of a locality in our own backyard that has been, er, caught with its pants down. In the precariously named town of Intercourse, a man was “charged with indecent exposure and open lewdness.”(2)

The crack staff of EJ immediately roared into action. They got on their bikes and started pedaling madly to the east. By nighttime, they should be arriving in Intercourse, assuming of course they don’t fall into Gap first. We await reports of their interviews with the locals, if not the alleged perpetrator himself.



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